About Chad Kirby

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Chad Kirby

I’ve been a graphic designer since ’94, but I have always held a fondness for art and design. I grew up as an illustrator before discovering the digital medium while attending art school.  At the time Photoshop was still a toddler and there was this cool little company called PIXAR that was making really amazing things.  My love for illustration shifted to publishing as i spent the next 20+ years producing national and local magazines.


Along the way I worked for companies focused on direct mail and small boutique graphics houses with a lean towards small business branding.  I listened, learned and incorporated these experiences into my skill set.  Now, I am able to offer a full menu of graphic design services.

  • Photoshop 100%
  • InDesign 100%
  • Illustrator 75%
  • Illustration 25%
  • Publishing 100%
  • Web Design 80%
  • Social Media Marketing 50%
  • Video Editing 20%